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Our glass whiteboard is our most popular product. As with all the boards we manufacture, the diamond glass we use is 6 mm and offers incomparable clarity without green or blue-tone reflections. Our glass is also tempered to give you a board that is highly resistant to shocks and scratches.

For the colour, we use a high quality lacquer paint that we apply on the back of the board to give it a deep effect. We can also make your board magnetic with our steel sheets cut to size for your white glass board.

Benefits of our glass boards

6 mm tempered glass

Our glass resists shocks, scratches and the test of time. 

Made in Canada

We are proud to be your display board manufacturer for over 60 years.

Incomparable clarity

The glass we use is the clearest you'll ever see. No green or blue-tone reflections. You see exactly the colour you chose.

Options to customize your white glass board

Dimensions adapted to your needs

Choose among our standard glass board dimensions or contact us so that we can manufacture a custom-made board according to your dimensions. 

Details for custom designs

Our boards can be customized to meet your needs and tastes:

Square or rounded corners
Magnetic or non-magnetic surface
Vertical or horizontal installation

Are you interested in this product or would you like to know more?

Projects we've created to inspire you

Magnetic glass board

Magnetic white glass board

Conference room with a magnetic 6 mm tempered glass board. Installation with hidden anchors for a clean look.

Magnetic glass board (3)

Magnetic glass board

Collaborative space for multiple meetings with magnetic 6 mm tempered glass boards and hidden anchors.

Magnetic glass board (2)

Magnetic glass board

Desk arranged with a 6 mm tempered glass board and hidden anchors.

Custom-made glass board

Custom-made glass board

Magnetic 6 mm tempered glass with color printing and writing.

Tableau de verre sur mesure (1)

Custom-made glass board

Common area with tempered glass. Personalized with high definition image.

Tableau de verre mobile

Architectural mobile glass board on wheels.

Frame with cherry wood finish.

Tableau de verre mobile (1)

Design mobile glass board on wheels.

Frame with chesnut wood finish.

Tableau de verre mobile (2)

Design mobile glass board on wheels.

Frame with chestnut wood finish.

Magnetic glass board (1) (1)

Magnetic glass board

Painted red T562

Magnetic glass board painted sky blue T557

Magnetic glass board

Painted sky blue T557