Manufacture of custom‑made boards

As soon as we receive your request for a board, our graphic designers create the visual of your board with your logo, your schedule or any other visual that you want to add to your decor.

After your approval, we plan the printing of your visuals on the back of the glass before applying the colour you have chosen for your board. This process allows us to protect the colour of your board while ensuring a perfect finish without any possibility of alteration.

Depending on the board type you have chosen, we can then add a high-quality steel sheet to make your board magnetic.

After the installation of the anchoring system you have chosen, we deliver your board to you and we can also install it for you!

Board delivery

Regardless of where you are in Canada, we can deliver your glass board. You can count on our team or our trusted private carrier to deliver your glass board as soon as possible.

Professional installation of your board

We rely on many qualified and certified installers to install our boards according to the right method for your model and the type of wall on which it will be installed. Trust our team for a durable, solid and impeccable installation.

Customize your board according to your tastes

The glass board for your office can be custom-made to fit your office and reflect your ideas. Need a magnetic glass board with a blue background, your company logo and a production schedule? We will manufacture it in the dimensions you need.